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How to make Windows 10 look like Mac | Dial Microsoft Support Number+1-800-201-4243

The mac OS Provides some inbuilt Capabilities That create the OS popular. The OS was designed to create certain the founders get the utmost advantage and get their work done quite fast. I used to respect the program launcher, but today I’m OK with all the taskbar and begin menu combination. How to make Windows 10 look like Mac??? If you’re interested in a means to acquire some Mac attributes on Windows 10 and also make Windows 10 seem like mac OS, then you’re in the ideal location.

Make Windows 10 look like Mac With The Help Of  Microsoft Support Phone Number +1-800-201-4243

While Windows 10 has evolved a lot, but there are attributes I’d love to own on Windows. In this informative article, I’ve shared a couple of tools that bring in all How to make Windows 10 look like Macthose functionalities to Windows 10. These will make Windows 10 look like Mac with the help of Microsoft support team phone number.

1] Light shot

Mac OS includes an inbuilt screen recorder along with Screenshot attribute. It is extensive and also makes mac OS an exact user friendly for founders. While Windows 10 includes Snip in addition to a great deal of third party applications for carrying a screenshot, Light-shot wins with a fantastic margin. As soon as you set up it.

Utilize Print Screen To Activate It For Windows 10 Look Like Mac

The selector. After that you can pick a place. It is going to instantaneously provide editing programs, annotate, highlight, and choice to share, print or save the screenshot.

It is not an specific replica, but it is a fairly good fit with its own metallic backdrop and Mac icons. The Dock also has the exact same magnification cartoons when you put the cursor on its own shortcuts through Microsoft support team phone number.How to make Windows 10 look like Mac

Drag and drop menus in the desktop computer to add them into the Dock. Drag off any shortcut the Dock to eliminate them. To enlarge or reduce the Dock, put the cursor on it, then hold the mouse.

2] Seer: Quick Look Tool

On mac OS, If you Pick a document and then hit the space bar, it reveals a preview of this document containing the information. How to make Windows 10 look like Mac?The very best part is that may additionally customize Seer. To further personalize, you can start configure and settings:

  • Computer configurations should be done for Windows 10 look like Mac by Microsoft support phone number.
  • Install Plugins to improve its performance including rename, Exit Tool, Etc
  • Font service
  • Change Language

Aside from this Application, it is also possible to attempt that the Quick Look program from Microsoft Store.

Following are the activities of Windows 10 look like Mac By Microsoft Support Team :

  • Space bar: Preview/Close Preview
  • Esc: Close Preview if not able to do that take expert opinion through Microsoft support team phone number
  • Microsoft support phone number can also help you to Enter: Run & Close Preview
  • Ctrl+Mouse Cable: Zoom Images/Documents
  • Mouse Wheel: Correct Volume

Into files, switch between documents by hitting the arrow key, and choose which app to use to start various document types

3] Quick Time Screen Recording

Listing a little video fast . Also known as GAME DVR, it could record nearly anything on Windows although it’s mostly for recording Xbox Game clips. However, since most How to make Windows 10 look like Macof the third party applications is compensated, this includes in convenient to document without installing anything. This process gives you a video file, which you can do whatever you like with. Upload it to YouTube or email it to a friend. Put together a video tutorial or just capture a problem you’re having so you an demonstrate it later without.

4] Universal Search using Cortana (WIN Q) or use WOX

Mac OS universal lookup tool is just one of those best-inbuilt capabilities. You may use it to locate nearly anything. Windows delivers a similar encounter with cortana internet search. All you have to do is set it with Win + Q keyboard shortcut and begin searching.

One little downside of this is that it also shows search results from Bing. There’s an equally fantastic choice Wox. Once set up it is possible through Microsoft contact phone number to configure it to start when you reach the space bar. It’ll pop up a search box where you could type to obtain exactly what you wish to view Windows. The very best aspect of all Wox is its open source supports plugins, through Microsoft contact phone number you can personalize hot key-sand disable it on full display, implement command line programs, search inside the Control Panel, and it simplifies your streak prompt.

5] Win Launch

If you would like to have mac OS like launcher on Windows 10, you will need to try Win launch. It is possible to add files, programs, URLs into it. To start all you will need to do is hit SHIFT + TAB, and it’ll show the blurred background with the list of apps you added into the launcher.

As you can see here, we aren’t trying to convert your Windows fully into Mac. Rather, we are attempting to bring only some helpful capabilities.

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