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Microsoft customer service number is a leading global vendor of computer software; hardware for computers; mobile and gaming systems; and cloud services.

Microsoft support by experts:

Microsoft customer service number, as the world knows it, is one of the biggest names in the technological world. Microsoft is a multinational technology company that is into the development, manufacturing, licensing, and selling of computers, computer software programs, consumer electronics, and services. Best known for the Microsoft Windows operating systems, the Microsoft Office suite, and the internet explorer, the Xbox gaming console flagship also lies with Microsoft.

Since Microsoft customer service number products, from windows to offices and from outlook to Skype, are an integral part of everyone’s work and life and are widely used, One also gets troubles and reasons to reach out for professional Microsoft support and call Microsoft customer service phone number +1-800-201-4243 or chat with Microsoft support.

How to reset Microsoft account password in window 10?

Lost your Microsoft account password and could not log in to window 10? When you are protected from your computer, In this report we will display you a process to restore the forget Microsoft account password in window 10. The customers have to reset the password from the Microsoft official website without taking the help of Microsoft customer service phone number +1-800-201-4243. If any type of issue occurs, the users want to search for the phone number for Microsoft support.

Reset Microsoft account password in window 10:

To restore a forget Microsoft account password. You can utilize any gadget, for example, any computer, a tablet, etc. That is joined to the internet and access the Microsoft online password restore tool.

.Access the Microsoft account password restore link from any browser. Select “I forget my password “option from the set of choices and then tap next.

  1. Write an email-id of your Microsoft account. For safety reason, write the words shown by the captcha to confirm you are a
  2. Select how you need to get the safety code & tap “Send code.” This might be your email-id or mobile number that is related to your Microsoft account.
  3. If you do not have access to your email-id & mobile number, tap “I don’t have any of these” & then fill out an inquiry form with account safety questions. If your info verified, the site will support you to generate a new password.
  4. Examine your email-id or mobile number & watch for a message from the Microsoft customer service number, account group. Write the safety code you just get & tap Next.
  5. Write the new password you would like to utilize for your account. Then you check it, tap Next.
  6. If all goes good, you would be notified “Your account has been recovered” on display.
  7. Now, you can log in to your Microsoft account. Make sure you are associated with the Internet at the Window sign-in display. If the PC on which you lost the password has no Internet usage, you would not be capable of logging in with the new password.

Once you reset the Microsoft account password, you don’t need to contact the Microsoft customer service number to get the complete process. Now you have to reset the password or if you have any other query about this topic. You can contact the Microsoft customer service phone number available on the Microsoft official website, or you can also contact Microsoft customer service number. You can also call on the toll-free number given on this website which connects you to an independent third party phone number for Microsoft support where Microsoft executives are 24×7 available to resolve all the queries related to this issue. The users also need to examine the terms and conditions before communicating an independent third-party Microsoft customer servive phone number +1-800-201-4243.

Step 1: Log in to Download Microsoft Office

  1. Visit the official office website and if you don’t log in, then choose Sing in.
  2. Log in with the same account that is connected with the Office version. The account could be of Microsoft, school account or work account as well. If you forgot your account details, then contact Microsoft support chat.
  3. If you have signed in on the Office home page using a Microsoft account, then select Install Office and then click Install.
  4. If you have signed in using a school or work account on the Office home page, then Choose Install Office apps and then tap Office 2016.
  5. The downloading of the Office is now started, and you have to follow the guidelines to finish the process.

Step 2: Install Microsoft Office

  1. According to your web browser, tap Run (in Internet Explorer), tap Setup (in Chrome), tap Save File (in Firefox).
  2. Now tap Yes if you see a message that wants to allow the app to make proper changes to the gadget.
  3. The installation process is now started.
  4. Once you receive the message saying your office is all set to launch, then the installation is now complete.
  5. Now follow the guidelines as shown on the screen, tap Start, select All Apps and then choose Close.
  6. If you face some issues, then contact Microsoft professional support by calling the Microsoft customer service number.

Step 3: Activate Office

  1. Open any application such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint to check whether Office is installed or not. In most of the cases, the Office gets activated while opening an Office app.
  2. The office will automatically get activated, and If it doesn’t so, then you will see an Activation Wizard on the screen to activate the office.
  3. Follow the guidelines to activate Microsoft Office easily.
  4. If you need some help while activating the Microsoft Office, then contact support Microsoft customer service number +1-800-201-4243.
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