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Microsoft Customer Service Number +1-800-201-4243 For Windows 10 v1903 April 2019 Update New Features List

Microsoft is sort of able to roll out Windows ten v1903 feature update. This update can bring some important changes, security enhancements, and UI improvement. This release is also called as 19H1 or Windows 10 April 2019 Update, Here is the list of some of the important new features in Windows 10 v1903 by Microsoft customer service number.

New Features in Windows 10 v1903 By Microsoft Customer Service Number+1-800-201-4243

Here is that the list followed by complete details of Windows ten v1903 features-

  1. You can remove blurred Background on Login Screen through the help of Microsoft customer service number.
  2. Search, and Cortana are no longer together.
  3. Sleeker Start Menu & Start Menu Service
  4. Action Center & Quick Buttons changes
  5. Microsoft customer service number will give you support for light theme for those who don’t like too much black.
  6. Dial Microsoft customer service number to improve Storage settings .
  7. Search changes & details
  8. Voice Activation settings can be improved with the help of Microsoft customer service.
  9. Windows Update Feature with auto-rollback
  10. Reserved Storage
  11. Automatic Troubleshooting
  12. Windows Sandbox
  13. Windows Security
  14. Linux on Windows enhancements
  15. Other features.

1] Blurred Background on Login Screen-Contact Microsoft Helpline

The acrylic impact is creating its thanks to login-screen. The background can look blur, to increase focus on the login-task. You can alter it or disable it mistreatment Microsoft Customer Service Numbercluster Policy Editor or from Windows ten personalization settings through the help of Microsoft Helpline Number.

2] Search & Cortana are no longer together For Any Query Contact Microsoft Customer Support

It looks like Microsoft has complete that there’s no purpose in forcing individuals to use Cortana to go looking. This update can supply Cortana just for voice assistant, i.e., when you press the Cortana icon. While the search will offer a familiar interface but with recent activities, most recent apps, and so on. Also, Cortana and Search have their settings later in the post with Microsoft Contact Number.

3] Sleeker Start Menu & Start Menu Service

The new default one column layout of the beginning Menu makes it tons sleeker. If you mostly needed to possess vogue|old style font|proportional font} Windows begin Menu style, this gets you even closer. It will be more evident for fresh installs, but you can still change if you updated if not then Microsoft Phone Number Customer Service will help you in updating. Right-click or long continue the cluster header to utterly take away it. You will get AN choice to use “unpin cluster from begin.”

Lastly, begin Menu has its service currently beneath the name of Start Menu Experience Host. If your Start menu freezes, open task manager, find tech service “START” and stop it. Restart and everything should be excellent.

4] Microsoft Customer Support Phone Number -Action Center

Action Center houses the brand new brightness slider. You can regulate between four levels of brightness mistreatment the slider that was accessible as a button.

It is doable to arrange the fast buttons while not having to open the Settings app. Right click and select edit. I will enable the rearrange mode through Microsoft Customer Support.

5]Microsoft Help Desk Provides You Light Theme

Somewhere between dark and complete white, Ligh theme is now available by Microsoft help desk. Go to Settings > Personalization > Colors and choose Light from “Choose your color” drop down.

6] Redesigned Storage Settings

The settings currently reveal directly categorized storage of every drive, i.e., temporary files, apps and features, desktop and picture. The default read of the Storage Sense is that the device on that Windows is put in, i.e., usually the C drive. To view different Microsoft Customer Service Numberpartitions, click on the link – View storage usage on other drives – which is available at the bottom of Microsoft customer service phone number. Tap on any of the views for more details give a call call to Microsoft Contact Number.

Storage sense remains there and is accessible at the highest. While everything is same as before, you get an extra checkbox to delete the previous version of Windows. So after you hit Clean currently, it will also take care of the old Windows file.

7] Search

While Search permission and history broadly speaking remains identical, you have got further settings – looking Windows.

Its the indexing status and settings.

  • Indexing Status tells how many items have been indexed, and the pending count with the microsoft customer service.
  • Find My Files offers:
  •       The classic mode which searches libraries and desktop
  •   Enhanced Mode is for entire PC
  • Excluded Folders
  • Advanced Search indexer settings.

Voice activation in Privacy Settings

Not much has changed into Cortana, except That it is only a voice assistant. Microsoft now allows to set up third party assistants including Alexa, and this attribute is to blame for providing the correct permission.

  • Allows apps to utilize Voice activation.
  • Pick which apps can use voice activation

Windows Update display has obtained a major revamp. Windows 10 Home users may now Recover Upgrades .

You’ve Got direct Choices to:

  • Pause update for seven days
  • Change active hours (current settings could be seen)
  • View Update history
  • Advanced Options (here you can Select the Amount of times to pause upgrades )

In-built Roll back:

  • Am Certain That All of Us understand about Apparatus that get into trouble post installment. Start using Windows 10 v1903; when the computer can’t boot MIcrosoft Customer Service Numberproperly after the installation, Windows 10 will eliminate updates automatically. A message is revealed to the user of microsoft customer service.

Reserved Storage

Windows 10 currently uses 7 GB f Allowed storage to produce smooth Windows upgrades. Low storage area is always a hurdle for easy Windows 10 upgrade. Microsoft is fixing this by asserting a part of your hard disk space as Reserved Storage. It will make certain that from now, and also in future what goes smooth with that Microsoft Customer Service Numberperspective. If you do not have sufficient space, you will be asked to either free up room or connect external storage for this particular time. There is no option or settings that allow users to manually delete it as per microsoft customer service.

If you select, Windows 10 can perform Automated troubleshooting, and even use the correct. Troubleshoot settings have a new section–Recommended troubleshooting. It can automatically correct some crucial issues. You can choose between three options with this attribute:

  • Ask me fixing the problems.
  • Fix problems for me without question.

You can click on view history To observe the suggested troubleshooting or one which was performed with your consent.

Windows Sandbox

This new feature lets one To run untrusted software . It makes sure that they dont damage the device. The best part is the fact that it utilizes hardware virtualization, and Microsft’s Hypervisor and without any user intervention to make a virtual atmosphere.

Windows Security

Windows Security has added a It prevents other people from tampering with essential security features.

Linux in Windows

  • You can access Linux files in Windows.
  • Commands to manage Linux distros.
  • Choice to import and sideload distro
  • Export WSL supply

Microsoft Tech Support Provides You An Additional Windows 10 v1903 Characteristics

  • Microsoft Tech Support can tell you that altered dates are in the format of 2 hours X hours ago.
  • Blue Tooth will be helpful and will provide suggestions as well.
  • You can name a file beginning with a dot.
  • Instead of a network or wifi icon, then you’ve got a”globe” icon. After you tap on it, you have access to Wifi, Airplane Mode or switch on Mobile Hotspot.
  • The Game Bar has a new pub, and options to share to twitter right.
  • Focus Assist has a new option–Once I am using an app in full-screen mode.
  • Configure a static IP address and DNS server tastes of ethernet directly.
  • Drag and drop a Font file to put in it.
  • You can choose to uninstall additional in-built programs like 3D Viewer, Calendar, Calculator, Groove Music, Mail, Movies & TV, Paint 3D, Snip & Sketch, Sticky Notes and Voice Recorder.
  • Sign-in Choice includes to establish a security key to complete with the working system.
  • Windows 10 will offer passwordless login into your Microsoft Account.
  • You can install more voice packages with no installation of additional languages.
  • Microphone, Camera, etc may tell which app is using it.
  • Windows key + (period) or Windows key + (semicolon) will also have logos, kaomoji, along with emoji.
  • Admin can configure to avoid the use of security questions for local reports.
  • RAW image service format is here.

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