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Microsoft Windows is a group of OSs manufactured by Microsoft. Windows is offered in 32 and 64-bit versions and offers a graphical user interface (GUI), multitasking programs, virtual memory management capabilities, and support for many peripheral devices. Windows OSs constitute client in addition to server variations.

Windows Vista

Microsoft hyped Windows Vista following the firm spent a great deal of funds to come up with a more polished appearance. Vista had interesting visual effects however, the OS was slow to start and operate through windows tech support. The 32-bit edition, specifically, did not enable enough RAM for the memory-hungry OS to operate properly.

Windows 7 Support

Microsoft built Windows 7 the Vista kernel. Windows 7 chose up Vista’s visual capacities but Featured more equilibrium. To most end customers, the largest changes between Vista And Windows 7 support have been faster boot Microsoft Windows Support Phone Numbertimes, fresh user interface and the accession of Internet Explorer 8.

Windows 8 Support

With the Launch of Windows 8 in 2012, Microsoft dramatically changed the system’s appearance, adding a full-screen interface featuring tiles and apps with the aim of alerting users in online activity. Microsoft used this new aesthetic to unify its products, providing similar designs on touch-based Windows tablet computers and mobiles as well as about the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. About PC, the desktop computer interface remains as an alternative for running traditional apps.

Windows 10 Support

2014, bypassing Windows 9. Version 10 contains the Start menu, and this was absent from Windows 8. A reactive design feature called Continuum adjusts the interface based on whether the user functions using a touchscreen or even a keyboard and mouse for input.Microsoft Windows Support Phone Number

Changes in safety

Microsoft did not implement many Safety methods in its own operating systems till Windows 10 support NT and XP. By way of instance, the default user onto a Windows computer obtained administrator privileges until Vista.Consumer editions of premature Versions of Windows didn’t have security measures built in as Microsoft designed The OS for users with no network connections


How to Fix Sound Issues in Microsoft Windows 7 Through Windows 7 Support

Having no Audio on Your Microsoft Windows support phone number pc can put your aims of listening to some favourite music on hold till you fix the matter. It happens out of the blue and sometimes you may not even figure out what about the ground has caused your computer sound to become eloquent. Considering this, we have discussed two automatic Microsoft sound difficulty troubleshooters in this Windows 7 support guide. These troubleshooters can automatically apply the probable fixes and make the audio system work again. Measures in the troubleshooting wizards are self explanatory.

Measure 1

Open your web browser And see the Microsoft Support Center site. Download the Microsoft music playback troubleshooter, the automatic tool to your PC. Click on the Save File button to automatically save the record to your PC. When done, exit the browser window. Search for the file which you saved to your PC.

Measure 2

Open the document Click on Run. Make sure that you are logged on as an admin person for a Microsoft Windows 7 support PC to run this. Failing to which will not allow you to run the automated troubleshooter. When prompted, click the I Agree check box to accept the license user agreement and click on the Next button. The troubleshooter will proceed checking for problems.

Measure 3

When prompted, click Either the Find problems and use the fixes for me (Recommended) or Detect problems and permit me to choose the fixes to apply option. The troubleshooter will go diagnosing for the common sound problems in your Microsoft Windows 7 computer and automatically fix them in case you chosen the first choice. When chosen the second alternative, the troubleshooter will demonstrate the problem and enable you to fix the problem by giving you the choice.

Measure 4

Do as motivated. If the Troubleshooting has completed, click the Yes, the problem has been fixed button and click the Submit button. If the problem has not been repaired, continue with the troubleshooting. If prompted, update the pushes of your sound card. In case the troubleshooter does not detect any difficulties with Microsoft Windows 7 settings, you can conduct a hardware and device troubleshooter to confirm whether the problem lies with your sound card or speakers.

Measure 5

Open your Internet browser And download the instrument, both the hardware and devices troubleshooter. Save the document to your computer as though you did at the very first step and run the application like you did in the next step. When done, follow the instructions and allow the troubleshooter diagnose your Microsoft Windows 7 computer for the possible hardware issues.

Measure 6

The troubleshooter Detects a faulty sound card or speaker, replace it. When done, exit the troubleshooter window. If any one of the troubleshooters or both of them neglect To fix sound problems in your pc after having implemented the possible fixes, You’re able to contact Microsoft technical support.

How to Perform Microsoft Windows Support Maintenance on a Dell Computer

Do you care Much Less about the Maintenance of your Windows Dell computer when you might easily get it done? You might care less but you also need to care about Microsoft Windows care in your Dell computer should you care about its functionality, long life, performance, and security. This manual discusses how it’s possible to do Microsoft Windows support in your Dell computer without spending much efforts and time.

Measure 1

Assess your hard disk drive Push for errors and fix them. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, click the Start button and navigate to Pc. You are going to see your drives listed there. Right-click the drive that you would like to scan and choose Properties from your drop-down menu. Click on the Tools tab andMicrosoft Windows Support Phone Number click the Scan Now button. When in Verify Disc, check the boxes with Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

Measure 2

When completed, click the Start button to begin the disc checking procedure. It could take several moments to inspect the disc and fix mistakes depending on your drive’s size. When done, close all of the windows. If prompted, then click the Program Disk Verify button. Adhere to the on-screen prompts and schedule a disc check for next time and reboot your PC.

Measure 3

Run Disk Fragment to Defragment your hard disk and then make it work more efficiently. For Windows 7 or Vista, click on the Start button and then point to All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Derangement. Once prompted, enter the admin password and then click the Continue button. Click on the Defragment Now button to commence the defragmentation. The same method will also work for Windows XP.

Measure 4

Download and install Windows tech support updates to improve your Dell Windows monitor’s performance, functionality, speed, security, and life. This will guide you towards Windows update site. Start looking for the upgrades and install them Windows 10 Support. It is possible to choose the updates to install and what not. Downloading and installing upgrades can have a good deal of time based on their size. When completed, reboot your computer.

Measure 5

External devices like router, scanner, printer, gambling console etc.. If  Windows tech support updates don’t include drivers to your peripheral, you can download them in the manufacturer’s web site. You must always download and install the newest, compatible drivers for your special Microsoft Windows operating system.

Measure 6

Use the Disk Cleanup Tool to clean your hard disk drive and enhance its functionality. Click the Start button and point to All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Cleanup. Though the Disk Cleanup utility ought to begin to wash up your hard disk drive but in case it instead prompts you to decide on a drive to wash up, then select it then click the OK button. Additionally, choose the Disk Cleanup tab and check all the boxes adjacent to files, which you need to eliminate. When completed, click OK. It should now begin cleanup the temporary internet files. When completed, click the OK button and confirm the deletion. Your disk will be free of temp files today. This method must work for Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista.

Measure 7

If You’re using A Disk Cleanup window may pop up prompting you to pick the drive you want to clean up. Select the drive and then click on the OK button. Choose the documents which you would like to eliminate and then click on the OK button. It can take some time based on the number of information your drive has. Confirm the deletion. Your personal computer will be cleaned today. You need to run disk cleanup at least once each week to delete the unnecessary temp files. It will maximize your computer’s performance and speed.

Measure 8

If you Cannot Receive your Windows technical support number Dell computer operating after having installed a toolbar, applications (like virus removal software that’s a virus ), game program, or audio file etc. ), revive your Dell Microsoft Windows personal computer to a previous date. That is it and the problem will probably be over. If you are using Windows XP, click on the Start button and then browse to All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore. Make certain you are logged in as an administrator to your computer. Failing to which won’t allow you to make the changes.

Measure 9

When in the System Restore window, then click to choose the date and time and click on the Restore button. Once prompted, confirm the activity and restart your computer. Based on the amount of information, system restore will take some time or you can directly call Microsoft Windows Support Phone Number. When completed, your Dell computer will likely be rolled back to the desired date when it was working fine. Before you perform that the system restore, you have to save the unsaved modifications to your documents or programs etc..

Measure 10

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, click on the Start button and then form’system restore’ (without quotes) from the Start Search area. Hit the Enter key to continue. If prompted, enter the admin password and then click on Continue. Once prompted, confirm your revive point that Microsoft Windows automatically prompts and then click the End button. Reboot your computer if prompted.

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Additional Tips:

You can program Automated disk cleanup up to run daily, weekly, or monthly. Doing This will help Clean your disk frequently and make it work economically. Disable or delete Apps which you never use and will no longer use in the future for Windows 10 Support. There are Certain apps on your Dell personal computer and at Microsoft Windows operating System that you never use. In case you face Microsoft Windows Support Phone Numbertrouble or experience some malfunction Message, get Microsoft Windows technical assistance.

How to Reinstall Microsoft Windows on a Dell Computer

Perhaps You have already wiped Out your hard drive or want to perform it now to be able to reinstall Microsoft Windows on your Dell computer? If yes, then you certainly need help of Microsoft Windows Support Phone Number doing it in the proper manner as installation or re installation of an operating system has become the most sensitive process. It needs to be performed smoothly from starting till completion. Failing of which may result into severe problems on your PC. Do not worry the below mentioned guide can allow you to reinstall Windows tech support number in your Dell computer in the easiest manner. This essentially means that you don’t need spending time on telephone with a Dell tech support to help you do that.

How Our Windows Support Phone Number Helpful To You?


Before we start with The re installation process, we completely assume that you have already backed up all your information to an outside network of your choice before wiping out the hard disk.

It must be noted that In the event you are doing a manual re installation similar to this, then you will not have the ability to restore your Dell computer to factory settings or perform a PC restore. Therefore, it’s advised to do a system restore or revive factory settings to solve the issue prior to performing the re installation. If the issue isn’t solved, proceed to the instructions below.

You must have the first Microsoft Windows 7\Vista\XP disc (from Dell) or Dell system restore disc for reinstalling the operating system onto your PC. If you do not have the disk, then contact Dell assistance & support providers to send you a new one.

Disconnect all the External devices attached to a Dell PC. Add the Windows XP disc to the optical drive and then reboot (restart) your computer. Whenever the Setup screen comes up, hit Enter on the keyboard. When the Windows XP Licensing Agreement window pops, browse through the permit (if you truly want as you must have already gone through it), scroll down to the end, press the F8 key on the keyboard to take the conditions and agreement, and then click I Accept or whatever option you see to move.

This may open up the disc Interface screen. It may incorporate PC restore or even MediaDirect among other possibilities, based upon the configuration of your computer. Select the largest partition and then hit Input on the keyboard. When prompted, you can choose to reformat your hard drive using Format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick) or FAT alternative. It is strongly suggested to select NTFS. The Installation program will automatically format the hard disk and then restart your computer when finished. As it might take a good quantity of time, then be patient and wait until the computer has completely reloaded (after rebooting).Microsoft Windows Support Phone Number

After the computer has Rebooted, the reinstallation will last. Choose your regional terminology Choice and input all other essential information and click on the Next button. Follow all the instructions carefully and input all the information properly.

Microsoft Windows Registry Errors – Learn How to Fix Windows Registry Errors Today

When Microsoft Windows registry mistakes suddenly look in your computer, you have to know that a man doesn’t actually have a lot of options. The first alternative is reportedly the easy way out because it just involves you dismissing the issues shown to you from the PC. However, as you know, this is not the best thing to do in situations such as this because it just tends to worsen the problems. Even with the liberty to utilize this option, people rarely do this due to fear of aggravating the problems of their system. The third option appears to be the most dependable one because lots of men and women are more comfortable of utilizing it. This third alternative includes using software to automatically fix the mistakes in your computer.

Why do take windows 10 tech support by Microsoft Windows Support  Phone Number?

Having said all of the choices, it is safe to state all you will need to do is locate a reliable and beneficial registry cleaner. Apart from the potency of the cleaner you will look for, you must also remember that it also needs to be simple to use. Opt for a registry cleaner that won’t ask you to do the job yourself because then, it’s only going to defeat the purpose of you finding a cleaner. Ensure you choose the cleaner that will take care of all of the Microsoft Windows registry errors. This is going to make your job easier because you are going to learn you do not need to have yourself with choices regarding technical stuff. Another manner by which a individual can fix all Microsoft Windows registry mistakes is by obtaining the’System Restore’ attribute of your PC. Many people don’t understand that this method may correct the registry mistakes on your computer without corrupting the data which are saved in your hard drive. System restore works by going back to the condition of your system on a particular date and applying them to the machine so as to eliminate all the errors present. You need to go then into the’Accessories’ option and then choosing’System Tools’; you now will find the system restore option

 Best Tips for Microsoft Windows Users By Windows Technical Support Number

Microsoft Windows Users have considerably increased in numbers from each part of earth due to the many reasons they may have professionally and personally. There are so many strategies to acquire the most of your Windows PC to increase your business, career and lifestyle.

I have listed here the 5 best suggestions that every Windows user needs to know and use to their computer use to maximize productivity, profitability and even imagination on a daily basis.

  1. Assessing Windows’ System Performance

The NTFS protocol will be More beneficial than FAT32 for greater speed and accuracy in processing system tasks. You can even receive a more reliable speed in case you disable Windows Indexing. This gives you quicker processing time for these tasks as online connections and other server problems.

Windows Indexing can Be disabled by opening My Computer. Click on drive C or some other drive you wish to add in the procedure. Click on Properties and make sure you uncheck”Allow Indexing Service.” Empty your computer’s Recycle Bin and Defragment all drives as far as possible.

  1. Getting the Very Best of Everything using a Free Software

In Case You Have only Purchased a laptop or a desktop with no office suite installed, a free alternative to Microsoft Office that offers maximum functionality for improved productivity. Here is the Wonderful Open Office.

Just download this Free software from and go through the power of the free office package as it takes you to higher heights of sweet success each day. Use a more secure browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer when downloading and installing Open Office to avoid the dangers of malware or even hacking problems.

  1. Grab the Power Of Data Encryption to Windows XP Professional

Using Windows XP Professional gives you the benefit of encrypting documents on your folder or sub-folders. This gives you sufficient privacy and security with your important documents and information inside your own system for private or business use.

From My Records. Select the file that you want to place an encryption on, right click here go to Properties. This can direct you towards the General Tab wherein you have to click the Advanced button. Assess“Encrypt Contents to Secure Data.” Click on OK twice. The confirmation dialog box will appear and also prompts you to select a folder or documents for the last encryption procedure. You can now add more files later on within this encrypted folder for optimum file protection and enhanced business options.

  1. Repairing CD Burning Problem

You might have Encountered various difficulties with your own multimedia device and among the most troublesome issues here is when burning a CD for replicating copies of your favorite music. Folks usually receive the message which the CD cannot be burnt due to a system error. Just drop by your CD drive maker’s site and search for compatible CD types. When the CD that you are currently using isn’t on the record, then replace it with a harmonious CD on that list whenever possible to correct the matter.


  1. Online Safety and Shopping Security

Shopping is even made More convenient and greatly flexible with only a mouse click. You are able to compare prices to get an item you wish to purchase online. This permits you to save time and leaves you smarter in getting the best deals for your budget and other preferences. All you need is an internet account such as PayPal, Google Checkout, a credit or a debit card to pay your bills and have the item delivered to your home without the hassle.


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