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Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number +1-800-201-4243 Microsoft detects 740 election-related cyber attacks targeting US political

Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number

Microsoft says it has detected more than 740 infiltration attempts by nation-state actors in the past year targeting U.S.-based political parties, Microsoft Customer Service Number campaigns and other democracy-focused organizations including think tanks and other nonprofits.Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number A company spokeswoman would not name or further characterize the targets. All subscribe to Microsoft’s year-old AccountGuard service. Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number provides free cyberthreat detection to candidates, campaigns and other mostly election-related groups.

Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number

Many of the democracy-focused attacks we’ve seen recently target NGOs and think tanks, and reflect a pattern that Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number also observed in the early stages of some previous elections,’ wrote Tom Burt, Microsoft’s Customer Service Number corporate vice president for customer security and trust, in a blog post on Wednesday.Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number‘In this pattern, a spike in attacks on NGOs and think tanks that work closely with candidates and political parties, or work on issues central to their campaigns, serve as a precursor to direct attacks on campaigns and election systems themselves,’ Burt continued. He said that the majority of state-sponsored activities in the past year originated from actors in three countries: Iran, North Korea, and Russia.

Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number

 Microsoft Customer Service Number did not say how many infiltration attempts were successful but noted that such targeting similarly occurred in the early stages of the 2016 and 2018 elections. A year ago, Microsoft said it had detected attempts to infiltrate the networks of U.S. senatorial candidates and think tanks. Wednesday’s announcement was timed to coincide with the annual Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number +1-800-201-4243 plans to demo an encrypted electronic voting system it calls ElectionGuard at the conference.

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